Andre Nerman was born in Biarritz in South of France. After a few experiences with a local Theatre Company as an actor and a director, and two years in Bordeaux studying « Science-Po », Andre moved up to Paris. In Paris, he completed his training with Raymond Girard and Jean Darnel (Acting Schools) and Alain Illel and Etienne Decroux (Acting and Mime ).

André started his career by interpreting leading classical roles such as Romeo ( with Muriel Mayette as Juliette who will be later one of the Directors of the Comédie Française), Rodrigue (from El Cid), Oreste (Andromaque by Racine). He played along with Catherine Salviat (from the Comédie Française) and Jean Davy in Antigone by Anouilh and Sophocle ( Hémon’s caracter). He was Neipperg with Annie Cordy in « Madame Sans Gênes » in France and Belgium. He played along with Francine Bergé in « Le Chevalier à la Rose » directed by Jean-Louis Thamin (CDN of Nice and Théâtre de la Ville – Paris).

At the same time Andre starred in numerous tv series ( leading roles in « Coulisses » and « Allo tu m’aimes »).

Then, he has completed his training in the US where he has regularly worked since. In 1995 he was engaged in international theatrical tours.

A few years later he started to work with the French Company Caravague staging his own shows and organizing tours in Northern America. He has directed mainly pieces coming from theatrical and poetic contemporary repertory such as Duras, Prévert, Cocteau, Apolinnaire’works.

Also singer, musician and dancer, Andre has written, performed and directed musicals. The most famous show he has created remains « Jacques Brel ou l’Impossible Rêve » which has been a hit for several years in Paris and across the world. At the same time Andre regularly appeared in films and TV series such as « Tropiques Amers », « Miroir mon beau miroir », « Section de recherche » (TF1) , « Tout le monde il est beau » (Canal +).

In 2013, André translated and staged the play « Un rapport sur la banalité de l’amour » (by Mario Diament) at the Théâtre de la Huchette in Paris. The show has been a hit. The success of this play was confirmed at the Festival of Avignon in 2017 and 2018. Andre interprets himself the main role of Martin Heidegger. The show is still currently on tour : after having toured in the US and in Canada, in Switzerland and Marocco it’s now regularly performed in France. In 2015, Andre starred in « Blind Date » (Mario Diament) directed by John McLean. More recently, Andre has directed and performed the famous « La Leçon » by Ionesco, and « Huis Clos » by Sartre . In 2018, he adapted, staged and performed « Terre des hommes » by Saint Exupéry. In 2019, Andre adapted, staged and performed « La chute » by Albert Camus sharing the stage with the American female dancer Nicola Ayoub.